Impression List

Philip Hersh
S.A.G. - A.F.T.R.A.

Commercials/Radio/In-House/On-Hold (Partial list)

Senate Parking New Cha Cha, Bob, Bostonian Wannbe
Bingo Blitz Buffalo Studios, LLC Andrew Dice Clay
American Express JBI Localization Canadian Voice
Porche Oh Rio! Productions Narrator
Certa Pro Painters Aviatech Spokesperson
Medi-Cal Guide World Post Studios Narrator
Siggraph '07 XD Productions Live Interactive Animated Voice
Mattel (Barbie) J. Walter Thompson(Latin America) Narrator
Starmedia Post Edge Studios Announcer
Sensormatic In-House Satisfied Employee
B & H Photo Ed Marshall Productions Energetic Youth
Worldwide Phone Cards Magic Lantern Productions BillClinton/Ross Perot
Ben's Best Deli Impact Communications Inc. Jackie Mason
Pacific View Valley Mall Oh Rio Productions Announcer
The Jewish Journal Sun Sentinel Inc. Announcer
Pro Golf Discount AT&T Media Services Announcer
Compu-King CAS Productions Announcer
CD Exchange WSRF 1470 AM Customer
El Charritos Café WAXY 790 AM Announcer
Psychic Readers Network Quintell Media Management Caller
NATPE Promo ETC Group Young Boy

Television/Films/ADR/Video Games (Partial List)

Lost in Transit Voice of Scooter
China's Century of Humiliation Deep Waters Films Voice of Woodrow Wilson
Hide 3J Productions Voice of Seeker
Pre-School Yin and Yang Productions Voice of Del Toro
Letting Him Go Brock Mullins Productions Voice of Boss
Suicide Games Pabla-Hazelett Productions Narrator
King of the Underground Out the Trunk Productions Voice of Big Teddy
Orochi Warriors Kenshin Uesugi
Samarai Slash Kenshin Uesugi
The Mystical Laws Flip Switch Studios Voice of Cho
Beverly Hills Chihuahua Small Dogs Productions Dlalogue Reader
I Survived Discovery Communications Inc. Voice of "Tornado"
Shadow of the Phoenix JBI Localization Voice of the Hero
Skeleton Man Cotton Mouth Joe Inc. Voice of Sooth Sayer
Miss Fla USA Teen Pageant Tel Air Interests Announcer
Shadowy Territory The Kitchen Voice of Luca
Miami Dade County Fair WLRN Television Announcer
White and Pure Chrom Studios Voice of Jack Smith
The Art of Dying Sonic III Voice of Nacho
Das Finale Beta Films Intl. Voice of Paramedic
La Mujer De Mi Vida Venevision Intl. Various Voices
Family Ties Chrom Studios Voice of Peter
The Havana Quartet Sonic III Voice of Walter
Sophies World AB Svensk Film Industry Voice of Tour Guide
I will Survive Sonic III Voice of Carlos
Latin Lover Playboy Television Intl. Voice of Raphael


Connecticut School of Broadcasting Broadcasting/On-Camera Technique/Audio Engineering
Bob Carter Acting 1 & 2, Improv. Speech & Diction
Giovanni Cuarez (LA) On-Camera
Paul Sylvan On- Camera Scene Study & Commercials
Dr. Richard Hinners Dialect
Tom Logan Biz of Showbiz/On-Camera Commercials
Vic Perillo Scene Study
Doug Turkel Voice Overs
Pat Battastini Improvisation
Stewart Solomon Improvisation
Sports Magic Team Improvisation
David Glickman Comedy
Ray Forchion Film Acting



• Song/Commercial Parodies

• ADR • Looping

•Dialects: Southern, Australian, Canadian, New York, 711, Russian, French, Yiddish, Italian,Middle   Eastern (Israeli, Arab)

• Fluent Hebrew • Some Arabic













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